Settled in Cannes since 1975 - railway station place - with more than 700 m2 premises, Cannes Enchères conducts more than 80 auctions a year comprising all genres of fine art in its fresh renovated building (2011).

Cannes Enchères, auction house, has been registered by the French auction market supervisory authority (CVV) in 2002 (# 2002-13). Cannes Enchères offers valuation and organizes sales of artworks.

Uncataloged sales are organized three Tuesday a month (bring your pieces on Thursday and Friday). Notwithstanding a very important “contemporary and modern paintings” department (five auctions a year competing with the biggest Parisian and international auction houses), Maître Aymard and Maître Debussy, assisted by the best experts, organize every year over thirty cataloged sales in many specialties:

  • Furniture and works of art (three auctions a year)
  • Furniture and works of art (three auctions a year)
  • Icones and Russian art (three auctions a year)
  • Marine art (three auctions a year)
  • Primitive art, Asian art, archaeology and natural history (three auctions a year)
  • Design and 20th decorative arts (two to three auctions a year)
  • Jewellery (one auction a month)
  • Couture, vintage fashion and perfume bottles (two to three auctions a year)
  • Wines and spirits (three to four auctions a year)
  • Freemasonry (three auctions a year)
  • Collection sticks (July)
  • Weapons and historical souvenirs (July)
  • Coins and currencies (punctually)
  • Books and manuscripts (punctually)
  • Classic cars and vehicles (punctually)
Over the last few years, Cannes Enchères made a real effort to improve communication and information through richly illustrated and widely spread catalogues (2 to 3000 printed copies per sale), a very popular website which has been entirely redesigned in 2002, a very strong presence in the media (local and national, press and broadcasting) and pending auctions announcement on Internet (Interencheres, Auction and Gazette de Drouot).

In October 2016, Cannes Enchères is pleased to announce the opening of a representative office in Paris, 14 avenue Matignon, to consolidate its presence in the French market and to create stronger relationships with its Parisian partners and clients.